What does Vedic Astrology offer us ?

Doing something because you need to or doing the exact same thing because you want to can make all the difference in how you experience it. Jyotish can help us understand the goal of the favourable parts of our life and the valuable lessons they represent. This change in perspective can be extremely liberating and transformative in the way we experience the lessons. Whatever your graph looks like, there is a private treasure buried inside that is to be discovered and understood by you.

Whether the planets From the Jyotish graph is favorable or not, they always reflect the ideal starting point for that person to grow and expand their capacity to experience unbounded consciousness in the middle of action. Every obstacle represents a very simple lesson about the need to transcend that amount of comparative expertise. Thus, strongly challenged planets in the graph represents many such classes.

It's the purpose of Jyotish to shine a light on the way our past actions resulted in the life we've now, thus detaching ourselves from identifying with this Life as who we are. Once you understand how the planets in your chart behave outside, it is a lot easier to see your authentic Self as the light from that graph.

There are 3 main branches within Vedic Astrology: Hora, Ganita and Samhita.

The Samhita branch deals with the broader aspects of understanding ourselves. It utilizes omens and observations in the environment to draw conclusions. Analysis of dreams or fantasies, sudden sounds, the appearance of animals or birds, movement of the planets, twitching of muscles etc. are examples. A well-known text that describes all that's the Brihat Samhita.

The Ganita branch deals with the pure mathematics of the Astronomical basis of astrology. It describes in great detail about how to figure the position of the planets and many other calculations which Vedic Astrology relies on. One famous work in the Ganita branch is the Surya Siddhanta.

The Hora branch deals Together with the real interpretations and predictions of the horoscope. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is about that.

Maharishi Parashara makes it a point that the student of Jyotish "are good and peacefully disposed of, who honor the preceptors and elders, who talk only facts, and are God-fearing." This knowledge is supposed to be used for the benefit of mankind, and the students of Jyotish, are responsible for applying it purely and evolutionarily.

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