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Numerology Number 1

Number One – Vibration – Sun

Creativity – Protection – Benevolence

You are number one if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month or year.

Number 1 is a victorious number and relates to innovative action. It is the number of original action. Number 1 is considered to be one of the lucky or fortunate numbers. It represents the intellect, and is a wonderful number to assist in achieving abundance. People with number 1 vibration have a strong sense of victory and pride, aiming to rise above and beyond the expectations of the people around them. This number brings with it, the relentless ambition and the urge to be successful and accomplished in all endeavors. The number 1 person shows a strong sense of self worth and a love for freedom. Number 1 people tend to be meticulously organized, innovative and stubborn at times. Striving for control and seeking admiration by friends, family and relatives. Strong in their various views and opinions, their tendency to be stubborn emerges when they feel constrained. Number 1 people enjoy freedom and need to know that they are able to be free. This is due to their innovative and original nature. Their willingness to create original ideas takes them far thus enabling them to be in a position of authority. This usually has to do with the magnetic and attractive personality traits that the number 1 vibration holds.

A number 1 person has a defined sense of responsibility and value. They will protect those who need it, feed the poor, and happily help out in whichever situation possible. Number 1 person is advised to be careful of the more negative aspects that may emerge, such as a tendency to believe that only they hold the best and most superior opinion. To enhance or further a number 1 person’s life, they must realise that it is important to have a balanced outlook on both people and life. Whilst their opinion may be the best, it is still not the only. This will help protect against stubborn tendencies, therefore creating better communication between people within situations and circumstances. A number 1 person’s most protected trait is their pride. People who respect and appreciate the efforts of the number 1 person, will often find themselves highly regarded. Stamp on a number 1 person’s pride and you’ve made yourself an enemy.

The number 1 person lives for love. In their eyes life revolves around love. So naturally admiration, pride and compliments are a part of life. The best way to keep a number 1 is to let them be who they are without making them feel bound or imprisoned. Allow your number 1 partner the freedom that they deserve and they will stay on your side forever. Forgiving and gracious, number 1 people are merciful and understanding. They give fair judgment to all situations. Whatever may happen to a number 1 person, they will always have a definite sense of dignity about them.

Whichever situation life throws at them, you can be guaranteed that there will be bells and whistles and their appearance neat and tidy. A number 1 person takes time to build trust so it is often a good idea to slowly get to know a number 1 person, rather than to jump straight in, or you will face being pushed aside. Remember number 1 people have a strong sense of priority for there loved ones, family and lifelong friends.

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