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The Hermit

The number 31 is a conspicuous one. This speaks of someone whom is on their own journey, carrying a lamp at their side. It indicates someone whom is required to do soul searching. As a result they live a lonely and isolated life from the rest of the world. Some may struggle to understand the number 31. It is assured that the number 31 is pondering upon the essence of life and contemplating the small and large moments that the circumstances and events of life bring forth.

The number 31 is highly intelligent and sometimes genius. The number 31 holds strong potential to become abundant if the right discipline and state of mind is applied. The number 31 will experience a more profound sense of joy when pursuing a career that allows them to be self-employed. It is possible for the number 31 to recede entirely into a world of their own. They must be cautious against this. It might be distracting and therefore detrimental to any financial stability. The number 31 is on a continuous pursuit for truth. Careers as teachers or counselors may prove to be both fulfilling and prosperous.



This is known as the communication number. The number 32 holds a unique vibration similar to that of the number 14. This is a unique number that governs the qualities of communication. The number 32 has a magnetic energy manifested through speech. It was known in the ancient world as the politician’s number. This charismatic quality will have unlimited amounts of charm through the spoken word.

The number 32 will also attract elders. They hold the wisdom to guide and show them along their path of enlightenment. The number 32 is powerful and innovative. It would be essential for the number 32 to remain fixed in their ideas. This is where their true success is. It is likely that others may try to sway or mislead. This is from envy or lack of knowledge. It is for this reason that the number 32 is required to use their inner compassion and intuition to protect others thoughts and ideas from wrecking their perfect plans. The number 32 has an ambitious nature and if used correctly it is guaranteed to take the number 32 far.

For the abundance and prosperity that the number 32 strives for, they need to be able to take responsibility for the talents that they have. There is a wholeness and completeness to the number 32. This allows them to engage in the work of communication and to be in the media.


Divine Magic

The number 33 is considered to be a sacred number. This fortunate number enquires the values of humility, faithfulness and is the number of love.

The number 33 is both fortunate as it is sacred. It is given to those as karmic reward. It is often understood as a spiritual number as there are significant times in history where the number 33 is recognised. It is a fortunate number and should be held in high regard. Any sloth, laziness, or lack of humility should be avoided. The main aspects if this number is: originality, innovation, creativity and love. Any career pursuing these aspects would be fulfilling. The number 33 is certainly a number of creation.

The number 33 is advised to attend to their health as this upkeep their psychical condition. This enables them to enjoy a prosperous life. This number 33 is considered as a revered number. If you are a number 33 it would be worth taking spiritual exploration of your life. This is a rare and social number that is symbolic as it is powerful. The number 33 is full of love and has love to give and share with everyone. Expect a life filled with abundance, love and profound moments.

34 has the same meaning as number 25, 35 has the same meaning as the number 26, 36 has the same meaning as the number 27.


The Romantic

The number 37 is a unique number. It has an enchanting romantic aspect that governs life. The life path the 37 often revolves around love and profound moments of romance. The number 37 will pursue whichever career it is that will allows them to fully express, their avant-garde ideas and traits. There is a strong sexual energy to this number and it of significant importance to the number 37. A career in the arts would suit best.

Painting, sculpting, acting or any other career that allows them to express, this rose tinted view of life would be great. There is a magnetic quality to the number 37. They often do well in attracting good, loyal partners and friends. Partnerships will bring much fortune and abundance to the number 37, as there is a synergistic energy when developing creative pursuits with others.

38 has the same meaning as 11 and 29, 39 has the same meaning as 30

40 has the same meaning as 31, 41 has the same meaning as 32, 42 has the same meaning as 24



This is a highly unfortunate number. It is signified with significant bouts of upheaval and failure. The life path of the number 43 is often filled with disappointment and unfulfilled ambitions. The number 43 may often be confronted with conflict and those who do not mean well.

It is at best advised to change your name if you have this number. This may be very studious life. This person will have to put a lot of effort into life, but it is unlikely that they will succeed in these endeavors.

44 has the same meaning as 26, 45 has the same meaning as 27, 46 has the same meaning as 37, 47 has the same meaning as 29, 48 has the same meaning as 30, 49 has the same meaning as 31, 50 has the same meaning as 32.


The Warrior

This is the number of the warrior. It is a fortunate and prosperous life path that brings much strength and success to all endeavors. A number for leaders, the warrior is able to fend for himself and take care of any problems. It is a self sacrificing life path, all for the good and worth of others. The warrior is forceful and never tires. The number 52 is given loyal supporters and people who they can trust.

There is a strong threat against enemies and the number 52 is advised to be careful in all dealings. This is a fortunate number. The number 51 often experiences financial abundance and success.

52 has the meaning a 43

We have compound numbers up to Number 52 based on the total number of weeks in a year. The numbers beyond 52 should be added to reach a new single or compound number. For example

55 = 5+5 =10 /1

60 = 6+0 = 6.

The ancient Chaldeans considered the numbers 11 and 22 as master numbers which cannot be reduced to single numbers. There is no detail of the above and we have to accept it as it is.

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