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The letter A vibration attracts prosperity and fortune in all endeavors. It has energy of perseverance and intention. The power to get things done. The letter A vibration has an immensely creative energy. There is good balance as it also has the vibration of structure and innovation. This is a good letter to use for the creation of anything ambitious. The letter A vibration has a positive energy and is a fortunate letter for anything. However be wary of the ego, which often comes into play when the letter A is used in pursuit of fame or fortune.


The letter B has a nurturing vibration. There is a strong idealism that stems from a healthy imagination. This letter is prosperous when used for visualisation of any kind. This makes letter B fortunate with regards to any future events. The letter B vibration is emotional and may evoke a emotional response from others. This letter also denotes intense periods of introspection. So it is unfavorable with public events. The letter B vibration brings strength in partnership.


The letter C vibration is a fortunate and prosperous. It is connected with the energy of abundance and brings success easily and effortlessly. The letter C has an intense positive vibration. However too much of anything is not good. Aim for balance or there could be a lot of unnecessary anxiety. This letter is also connected to beauty and wisdom.


The letter D is a fortunate letter. It is linked with fate as it translates to number 4 in Chaldean numerology. This means that this letter should not be connected with other 4 and 8’s. It has energy of independence. The letter D vibration is structured and organised. This letter vibration is connected to hard work and study. It is prosperous. This fortune often comes from the innovation of new ideas.

Therefore, it is a positive number with regards to the future.


The letter E vibration signifies positive change. It is connected with intellectual pursuits. There is a strong creative energy to the letter E vibration. The letter E vibration is connected with eloquent speech and writing. It has a creative energy. This is a prosperous number with regards to all creative and intellectual pursuits. The letter E vibration is also linked with enthusiasm and zest for life.


This is a harmonious and fortunate letter. It is connected with the energy of responsibility and harmony. This letter vibration is also associated with hard work and the corporate world. It signifies worldly values, such as, patience, kindness and humility. Devoted to the family, this letter vibration prosperous when connected to friends and loved ones.


The letter G vibration is unsteady and denotes change. This letter vibration has intuitive virtues. It provides the ability to observe and be attentive within situations. The letter G is a highly analytical vibration is the ability to evaluate everything thoroughly. The negative aspects relates to action without thought. Due to the highly adaptable nature of this letter vibration, change is easily adjusted to.


The letter H vibration is abundant and fortunate. It has a balanced energy, which brings calm and harmony. This letter represents independence. There is also a strong ambitious energy toward material wealth. There is a creative aspect to the letter H vibration. The letter H vibration represents freedom.


The letter I vibration is empathic and compassionate. There is a loving energy to this letter vibration. The letter I vibration brings a lot of sensitivity, which may be good or bad. The letter vibration is independent. It is also an intellectual letter, as well as ego driven and freedom seeking.


The letter K vibration denotes an enthusiastic energy for all endeavors. It is a cultural number and is recommended for travel. This letter vibration has the energy of patience. It is also nurturing. The letter K vibration has a magnetic and charismatic energy, bringing fortune and abundance.


The letter L vibration is materialistic and fortunate in business. It provides analytical insight and gives a rational attitude to all situations. There is a highly active temperament and energy to this letter vibration. This letter vibration is prosperous with regard to public events. There is also strong energy of ambition and insight into the future.


The letter M vibration is strong in character and personality. This letter often associated with royalty. The letter M vibration has a strong energy that is indestructible. There is a strong emotional temperament associated with the letter M.


The letter N is lucky and prosperous. There is energy to the letter N vibration that signifies lost talent. Slow movement is associated with this letter vibration. The letter N vibration has an emotional nature. This letter is governed by the intellect.


The letter N is lucky and prosperous. There is energy to the letter N vibration that signifies lost talent. Slow movement is associated with this letter vibration. The letter N vibration has an emotional nature. This letter is governed by the intellect.


The letter O vibration is both introspective and discipline. This letter vibration has a strong nurturing energy toward friends and family. This letter vibration has energy of secrecy; even tough there is exaggerated confidence. The letter O vibration is very introspective and conservative toward all matters. There may be a tendency toward negativity energy if not careful.


The number P vibration is a strong vibration number. It provides a strong will and balanced energy. There is imminent vibration of focus and discipline to this letter vibration. The letter P vibration is both open and intuitive. It is a fortunate and prosperous letter with regards to the future.


The letter Q vibration is an extraordinarily fortunate and prosperous letter vibration. It provides powerful and willful energy. This letter vibration denotes good organization and planning. The letter Q vibration is blessed with the virtues of hope and faith.


The letter R vibration has great strength. This letter vibration has a strong yet unsympathetic energy. Be cautious of this, as it may create separation from people. The letter R vibration is quick thinking and sometimes considered impulsive.


The letter S vibration denotes energy of social acceptance. This letter vibration provides a friendly and sweet energy. The letter S vibration denotes high sensitivity. There is warning of inconsistency with projects a swell as incompleteness. There may be an in decisive element to the number vibration.


The letter T vibration is highly spiritual and compassionate. There is an intense energy of ambition and devotion to the letter vibration. The letter 7 is often sacrificing and selfless. This number also denotes a fortunate and prosperous nature, allowing allot of generosity.


The letter U has a sweet and caring energy. It denotes allot of sensitivity. The letter U vibration may have many talents and gifts. It is a highly imaginative energy number. This letter vibration is also very romantic. Caution must be urged that any fears must be taken care of.


The letter V is the vibration of the genius. It denotes energy of meticulous planning and organization. It is also the letter vibration of discipline and good ethics. This number denotes immense skill and favor. There is also a commanding energy to the number V vibration. This is a fortunate and prosperous letter for all endeavors.


The letter W vibration is a fast paced energy of fun, enthusiasm and impulsiveness. It denotes a significant time of travel, as there is an adventurous energy to this letter vibration. Highly ambitious, the letter W takes many risks. Caution is urged over vanity.


The letter X is a highly spiritual vibration. This letter vibration has a strong magnetic and attractive energy. Caution is warned about over exaggerating perceived difficulties. There may also be a tendency to be depressed. This letter vibration is very responsible. There may be times of slow movement with regards to the future for this letter vibration.


This letter vibration is both mystical and private. The letter Y vibration is very independent. There is energy of separation. The letter Y vibration signifies a separate path from others.


The letter Z vibration is both fortunate and prosperous. It denotes great and powerful energy. This letter vibration is highly respected and honoured. There is no room for instability. This letter vibration signifies a strong and successful energy.

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