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Numerology Number 6

Number 6 - Vibration - Venus

Materialism - Love - Femininity

You are number 6 if you are born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month or year.

The number 6 vibration is a positive energy. It carries both wisdom and experience, attracting prosperity and abundance.

Number 6 people are naturally blessed with a unique energy that brings material wealth into their lives, almost effortlessly. You will find that the number 6 person enjoys luxury and all the finer things in life. It is very much against the values of the number 6 person to have a mundane attitude to life. The number 6 person has a strong point of view and certainly makes it heard. Extremely fond of debating various ideas and thoughts, this positive vibration wins hearts everywhere. Number 6 people strive to be in alignment with the environment around them, often matching their home to their lifestyle and lifestyle to their personality. The number 6 person is often loved by all, perhaps out of their habit for attachment. This attachment to objects and past influences mean that the number 6 people will not let go of anything precious, and have a great love for antiques.

The number 6 person is destined to be fortunate and live a markedly material existence. It is because of this that the number 6 needs to be cautious of their attitude to others regarding money. Over indulgence is something that number 6 people are prone to and it must be remembered that by spending time in nature, will have balancing and restorative effect on the number 6 persona. Number 6 people are at full potential when in control and if a crisis occurs the first person you should call is the number 6, they are great at damage control! Because of their magnetising power, number 6 person probably has a book full of contacts for every need. This makes them extremely good at networking and any career that thrives on that aspect is likely to succeed. A number 6 person may have a stubborn side at times, but you will find that it is not to their detriment. Number 6 persons will enjoy the company of others, so it is useful to them to harness traits such as humbleness and humility, as to not be the product of envy for others. The number 6 person should note that it might be a common tendency to have great expectations of others, only to feel let down. With immaculate etiquette, any number 6 is likely to be a great ambassador to your business.

Number 6 people tend to be very romantic striving for their idealism of what love is. Their love is based on the day-to-day interaction, and they crave affection passionately. Although in the bedroom they are not the most passionate, you will find that they make excellent partners. You can be sure to expect that a number 6 will always take great care of yourself, themselves and the home. They have an inner nurturing instinct that comes to play in relationships. As lovers of luxury and the finer things in life, it is no surprise that number 6 persons enjoys top restaurants, art and music. It is important that with all this materialism and wealth, the number 6 person remembers to balance themselves in nature. The outdoors allow the busy number 6 much needed time to rest and rejuvenate.

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