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Numerology Number 9

Number 9 - Vibration – Mars

Spirituality – Strength - Wisdom

You are a number 9 if you are born on the 9th, 17th or 28th of any month or year.

The number 9 is seen as a scared number, and some cultures refuse to do an analysis on this number. People of a life number 9 are often called to great moments of courage, strength and action.

The number nine is considered as sacred and holy. Number 9 people are extremely strong in the sense that they deeply understand who they are. This may often throw the people around them a little off balance. This may cause others who are insecure to have jealousy issues with the number 9. Number 9 people are very straight forward and their communication comes with no bells and whistles. They will tell you exactly what, where and how it is. The Mars influence in this sign makes them naturally forward thinking, and it is important that number 9 people do not become too pushy or stubborn. Number 9 people will pursue their goals with a reverence and they probably think of their stubbornness as just sheer determination. The number 9 does not get put off easily and will continue on their path if they think it is right for them, despite what other people may say.

Number 9 may be a scared number, but it is not an easy one. It involves a very high level of responsibility and there is a strong sense of duty and sacrifice. In terms of career, number 9 persons through a life of dedication will become successful by virtue of working hard and giving something to all. Number 9 people make an excellent leader, and you will find that their no nonsense approach as dedication is the right discipline for success in any business. They must be wary however not to be too trusting. Number 9 people are extremely honest, and do not enjoy playing games. One of the downfalls is that they expect that everyone think as they do. It would be humbling for a number 9 to understand that not everyone is as hard working, honest and meticulous as they are. It would be beneficial for the number 9 to recognise this, so they do not get caught off guard with others scheming ideas or plans. As the number 9 person is so strong in character it is important that they stay balanced and fair to all around them, otherwise there may be a tendency to become quite bullish and uncompromising. If you have a number 9 employee, consider yourself lucky.

Number 9 people are hard working people, with strong ethic and value. They will stay with a business for years and they will most certainly give it their up most attention and dedication, making it number one priority.

Being in a relationship with a number 9 person can be challenging, unless you have mastered the art of understanding them. Number 9 people need a listening ear to which they can off load their burdens of the world. They also need comfort and reassurance that they are worthy and valued. For the number 9 to have a healthy relationship they will need to be patient. It is in the best interest to try to understand a number 9. They are honest people with pure intentions. Even though they may seem very strong, there is an empathetic and considerate inner core to their being.

Naturally generous, expect a number 9 to spoil you with gifts, affection and plenty of love!

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