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Numerology Number 2

Number 2 – Vibration – Moon

Imagination – Parenthood - Sensitivity

You are number 2 if you are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month or year.

The number 2 represents the birthing of new ideas, thoughts and actions. Breathing innovation into business ideas and using your unique sense of nurturing to help certain areas of life prosper.

The number 2 vibration means that protecting friends and family is a strong theme re- occurring in life. With a love for the home, luxury and family members, number 2 people strive for security and balance throughout life.

With their strong mothering instinct, responsibility comes easily. Number 2 vibrations are very private people. They do not enjoy having their personal dreams and goals known, judged or criticized. With their strong ambitious nature, it is likely that a number 2 person will follow through with any goal. With a highly developed sense of intuition, they are often on target with various projects, ideas and thoughts. A strong sense of pride keeps the number 2 person working hard to protect finances, as financial wellbeing is on the priority list of the number 2 person.

There are many suitable career paths for a number 2 vibration person. They are likely to succeed at creating a charity, hospice or any other form of care for others. Careers in nursing, teaching and therapy are well suited too, with their intense need to help others. With the innovative sense and strong imagination, number 2 people are likely to succeed at business. However it is better for them to choose a business environment were they can look after or give counsel to others. For number 2 vibration woman, there will come a time when mothering will be a priority. Any career involved with care and nurturing is a strong and powerful choice for the number 2 person. It is likely to bring plenty of abundance, prosperity and emotional fulfillment. The number 2 person may hold on to a lot of fear and it is important to not let the fear overcome and prevent them from achieving abundance and prosperity. Sometimes life involves risk, and other times things may not be as stable as thought, It is important for the number 2 person to recognise that it is just temporary and to carry on with their planned dreams and goals.

If your partner is a number 2 person, then you are in luck because they are romantically inclined. For the number 2 person it is urged that when it comes to love, sometimes the risk is worth taking. Unneeded caution may deter or confuse a potential soul mate! It is important to grant your partner the freedom of being their own person. This is the key to success in all relationships.

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