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The number 26 is a number of stability found through the use of intuition. This number stands for destruction. It is not an easy number to live with. The number 26 energy vibration can be a powerful and successful number but the success will be hard-earned. The number 26 person will learn that in life, it is much better to follow advice that feels intuitively right. Otherwise the number 26 person will experience difficult times and treachery from others especially during the childhood.

There are many unfortunate influences to this number. This is true particularly in regards to career. Partnerships should be avoided at all costs and it is better to be self-employed and self-reliant. It would be wise to save money when you can to safeguard the future. Careful organisation and meticulous planning will prove to be an important attribute to the number 26 person. As the number 26 is a bad energy vibration for partnerships, it is advised that the person change their name if possible.

If you are born on the 26, then it would be advisable to reduce the effects of this energy vibration, by using the mantras, yantras and charities found in this book.


The Sceptre

The number 27 is a fortunate number of karmic rewards. It gives courage, optimism and success in various areas of life. It brings abundance and fortune. The number 27 is ruled by the intellect and creativity. Careers that are most suited toward the number 27s are law, teaching and leadership of any kind. In business the number 27 is most fortunate. This number is truly a gift that is earned from previous lifetimes. This number also stands for instant manifestation. The Number 27 is represented as The Sceptre and has energy of high authority.

The number 27 vibration person has a strong intellect and imagination leaving them fulfilled with visions of greatness. They benefit from the wisdom of practicality. It is important for the number 27 not to be intimidated by the thoughts and opinions of others. There is a natural jealousy from some regarding success of the number 27. The number 27 is both a holy and spiritual number and denotes wisdom and experience. The number 27 is called upon positive action to reap results. It may sometimes seem as though the number 27 is always able to see and understand the heart of a situation.


The Lamb

The number 28 is a number of great success and loss. The loss will occur if one is not cautious. Number 28 vibration persons are required to be careful when planning and to develop a meticulous attitude toward all affairs of life. The number 28 is a great genius and has many accomplishments. However this number attracts difficult situations. This indicates that there may be many enemies. This is often the result of their downfall. The number 28 is greatly rewarded for their gifts. If their trust is misplaced it causes great implications.

The number 28 is advised to be cautious. By carefully guarding their trust and impeccably handling their life, there is ten less chance of misfortune. The number 28 vibration has the potential to be highly abundant, prosperous and fruitful. There may also be several karmic lessons. For the number 28 vibration to be successful then lessons must be acknowledged. The number 28 vibration is not entirely fortunate and saving might be a practical step forward and if disaster does occur, it can be quickly and effortlessly salvaged. There is no doubt to the greatness of this number and whilst they reach success, the journey will definitely be interesting and intriguing.



The Number 29 is a number of karmic balance. They are put through a series of tests and trials. This is to prove worthiness and value. These tests will provide an opportunity for the advancement of their life path. This shows how the number 29 vibration initiates evolution of the soul. There is a cautious warning to the number 29. Life will not be easy. It is advised that all effort is taken to balance out and neutralise any effects of Karma. There are mantras, yantras and gemstones in this book to assist you.

There are many courses and techniques out there to balancing the effects of karma. A spiritual outlook will assist the number 29 vibration. As will a great sense of optimism. This is because the number 29 stands for hard work and effort. The number 29 is more likely to succeed when having spirituality on their side. As a tool and method, it is important for the number 29 to stick to the truth of every situation. This will offer the knowledge and wisdom needed. Through taking responsibility the effects of this number are greatly adjusted. This causes profound inner shifts and transformation to occur in the life of the number 29.


One Man Path

This is the number of the intellect. Some may regard the number 30 as lonely. Others rightfully see it as a number of fierce dedications and service to whichever it is that they are studying at that time. It is a number of the mind, therefore putting high value on the intellect. The fortune of the number 30 is dependant on the one who owns it. They will decide in which manner to use it. In business, it is useful to consider that for the number 30 to be successful they would need to pursue an intellectual career for this is where they thrive.

It would be an early death for a number 30 to be bored. If it is something light hearted or frivolous, you can be assured that the number 30 will rise to the top, where their mental dedication is needed. The challenge of exercise is inspiring to the number 30. Their unwavering ambition is across all areas of life. They are seemingly always on a quest for truth and are not satisfied with anything less. The fortunate side of this number is that they are often positive. This brings forth fortune and success when wanted.

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