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Numerology Number 7

Number 7 - Vibration - Neptune

Dreams – Privacy – Deep Thinking

You are a number 7 if you are born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month or year.

This is the number of introspection, the ability to achieve dreams, excel in the arts and have a deep interest in the esoteric.

The number 7 will let anyone into their heart, as long as that person is able to show good and honest values. Number 7 peoples have a deep love for the mystical and religious side of life. You will find that with the number 7 person they will be religiously devoted to something and very often it is very much a part of who they are. The number 7 person will travel extensively at some point in their life, and have a deep need to explore other places and places. It is likely that the number 7 has many dreams, hopes and aspirations but it is assured that only their closest know of this. Number 7 people are lovers of the arts, and any artistic or creatively inclined career is likely to be successful.

With the number 7 person, dreams and hopes are all achievable. However the compassionate nature of the number 7 means that they are likely to give away a lot of their money, either to loved ones, their business or charities. Luckily this is not really a concern. The number 7 lives for the satisfaction of what they do. For a number 7 to be happy, they will need to have financial stability. It would be beneficial for the number 7 person to save money as well as to invest. With all the dreams and hopes of the number 7, that money will be useful for the future and may be the key to their comfort of living at various times in their life. Number 7 people often approach everything in a spiritual manner and people often seek them for consolidation. A person who is a strong number 7 such as Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius will find a lot of success and prosperity in pursuing their innovative ideas and following their heart. The number 7 person is usually very intellectual and clever. Breakthroughs and epiphanies are a part of life for a number 7-life path. They are likely to do well in environments where they are appreciated and valued. This is an important aspect of success. The number 7 person is also likely to be prosperous if they move toward the sea and mountains. Large pieces of flat land and cities can be depressing. The number 7 person will find being around water therapeutic and restorative.

The number 7 person understands life’s simple imperfections and therefore they often have unconditional love in a relationship, as they know they and no one else is perfect. Remember that the number 7 person has a very quiet nature, so don’t think that they are being cold, or unhappy. They are probably just analyzing the million thoughts concerned with innovation and spirituality. See into a number 7 persons mind and you are likely to feel surprised when you see the complexity of the thoughts there. They may have issues with insecurity so if you want your number 7 partners to open their heart to you then it is vital to give them the encouragement that they both need and want.

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