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Numerology Number 8

Number 8 – Vibration – Moon

Responsibility – Success - Money

You are number 8 if you are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month or year.

This number is one of great financial success through the means of responsibility and other worldly values.

The number 8 person is likely to harness the traits of patience, responsibility and intelligence over a lifetime. You may think that nothing much is happening in their life but it usually means they are working very hard and persistently toward their goal. They expect to be respected and are very dignified people. Number 8 people are not afraid to work hard and often they may appear at first cold or unapproachable. Understand that for the number 8 it is important to look or appear strong. They do enjoy the admiration and compliments of others. Politics, accounting and counseling are excellent pursuits for a number 8 person. Highly disciplined they can be very demanding of others and enjoy being of counsel and giving advice.

The Number 8 vibration is known as the number of fate or destiny. It is important that they stay away and cautious of other ‘8’ numbers. Unfortunately, this means that number eight people, are often living as the result of fate, or will have to deal with circumstances that fate brings.

The number 8 person is almost always likely to be successful. This is because it is in their nature to be disciplined and work hard. The number 8 does not easily get distracted and are very loyal to their path of work however it is often self- sacrificing, and they are often not recognized for their contribution. The motto ‘work hard and play hard’ is very much applicable to the number 8 person. They do not mingle work and play but rather give their full attention and dedication to whatever it is they are doing. A number 8 person is extremely reliable and you will find that whichever job they take on, number 8 employees can always be relied upon. Highly dedicated, the number 8 person is an intense individual who is driven and ambitious. It is because of these personality traits that the number 8’s produce wealth and prosperity in all areas of life.

Financial stability is the essence of the number 8 life, as it allows them all the pleasures that life has to offer, however their wise judgment mean that most of it is saved and invested. Number 8 persons cope extremely well in the cooperate world and make excellent business people. However, the number 8 person is likely to either experience great success or failure. Due to this polarity it is likely that they are able to see both sides to a situation, argument or circumstance and are likely in life to experience both aspects. Many number 8 millionaires were not born rich. They became rich.

The number 8 person takes great care of their physical appearance and how they appear to others. Any romantic partner will have to tolerate their love for hard work and the relentless effort that they put into all pursuits. They are very affectionate and warm, owing an extreme loyalty to those that they love. If you embrace a relationship with a number 8, be wary that they will be extremely demanding. It is in their nature. By following and embracing their abilities, they will find success falls into their lap, with patience, time and hard work.

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