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Numerology Number 4

Number 4 – Vibration – Uranus

Innovation – Creation - Future

You are number 4 if you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month or year.

The Number 4 is the number of the future, innovation and creative ideas. This is accomplished through hard work and dedication.

Number 4 people are the inventors, innovators and futurists of today. Likely to make record-breaking discovery or set a new trend of belief. A number 4 person is living in the future so they are able to see the possibilities that cannot be grasped by other minds.

Fiercely tolerant they have many friends, all of whom sit in admiration of the courage and innovation that the number 4 person lives in. You can truly say that a number four person walks their talk. When a Number 4 person trusts in their own ability to predict future business trends, it then becomes easy for them to be successful in their endeavors. However, abundance for a number 4 is not just in terms of monetary gains, it is an abundance of all kinds. Energy, happiness, ideas, resources, you name it! Money is not a priority. The number 4 does mind how avant- garde their ideas may appear, they have a striking ability to turn any idea into a concrete reality. Often leaving jaws dropped as they go along in life. The number 4 vibration is highly adaptable to change, but will not change themselves. They will disregard anyone who tries to do so. It is in their nature to shock, dismantle and create new views, ideas and inventions that shape the world tomorrow.

In business it is likely that the number 4 person might innovate or invent their own career out of their own ideas. This may be a surprise to many but as mentioned before, number 4 vibrations are successful when following their own ideals. Highly practical, they do not mind the conditions of the journey to their discovery. They are far too busy with important details, to bother about whether the food they are eating is from the local café or a French restaurant! Easily able to withstand any condition, the number 4 person favors people from all walks of life. This is a valuable asset in business and the people around view them as neither pretentious nor arrogant. Any career or business will need to satisfy the taste of the curious number 4 person. Their inquisitive mind needs something to focus on. If a job cannot provide that, then it cannot be long lasting. Number 4 people need the stimulation to create and forge their unique personality to the world. The positive attribute to the number 4 personality is that the number 4 has an extremely ambitious nature, especially when told that something cannot be done. They enjoy proving themselves and this sets a new challenge. Do not expect a number 4 person to conform to reality as others see it.

With these strong and virtuous traits of the number 4 personality, it is with great dedication that love and romance can be found. Be wary though that your number 4 partner may attract many friends and jealousy is something not to be tolerated. As much as the number 4 loves to have free expression they allow their partners the freedom to enjoy who they are. This person as a partner can be expected to be tolerant, loyal and very social. Number 4 people do not bother with airs and graces. They are secure enough within themselves to not need the approval or validation from those around them. This gives them a strong and defined edge that will help excel them over and above all financial pursuits. Trust the number 4 persons’ willingness to harness ideas for the future, because most likely they are right on target!

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