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Numerology Number 3

Number 3 – vibration – Jupiter

Travel – Religion – Education

You are number 3 if you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month or year.

The number 3 vibration has a strong trend towards travel and education. A highly spiritual number, the 3 vibration is closely linked with the spiritual aspect of religion.

The number 3 vibration person is usually a fighter for freedom and truth. No matter which situation that life throws upon them a number 3 person will always fight for the rightful justice of those around them. Number 3 people are exceptionally optimistic. However their responsible outlook on life balances their frivolousness and creates a positive framework for success. They approach religion to extremities, so you will find that they are either extremely religious or not! The number 3 person loves challenge. They excel in sport, travel or religion. Number 3 people are the protectors of truth. Excellent in business, a number 3 person can detect a lie a mile away. It is not easy to fool this number. Education is of great importance and a number 3 will pursue this with reverence. They often believe in great ideals and principles which they make sure they live up to.

A number 3 vibration person has the opportunity to be extremely successful in business, provided that they are cautious about the ‘downfalls’ of this number. Work in sport, travel, politics and religion is best suited to them. With their optimistic nature, the number 3 person is a joy to have around. Employers will be both amused and delighted at their special skill of being entirely responsible, yet optimistic as well. Whichever business a number 3 enters, it is important that they keep their mind open to their need for freedom. They also have an innate need to be in a position of authority and leadership. Are they able to voice their opinion, tell people of their views and rely on the truth? These aspects are very important. Remember that when a person pursues the areas of life that is in their expertise they excel, because they are naturally good at it. The number 3 person loves traveling. Even if pursuing a career in religion or sport, make sure that travel is involved. Their quest for the truth if done as a profession, will be both fulfilling and bring much contentment. They have a need to protect those who need it, and when times call for it, they will do so with a reverence.

It is advised with number 3 person that they do not allow themselves to feel constrained in any way. It is important to remember that to create abundance, one needs to be able to harness the feelings and experiences that they wish it multiply. Even though the number 3 attitude is seldom neutral, it is encouraged they sometimes decide on a neutral attitude. As their strong opinions may upset colleagues and friends, sometimes it is worth stepping back a bit, especially when it concerns their career or a loved one. With marriage and romance, number 3 people are usually lucky in love. Give your number 3 person the space, freedom and authority they need and you will see your relationships grow by leaps and bounds!

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