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The Tower

The number 16 has strong implications and warnings for the future. Humbleness, humility and faith are important aspects for the number 16. The number 16 vibration may initiate life lessons and harsh realities. The number 16 can avoid karmic fate by adhering o these lessons. Otherwise fate will be inevitable. The number 16 vibration is symbolised as a man falling from a tower.

This symbolises how the number 16 is better suited to private life and it is not advised to pursue to achieve high status and fame. The skill of being meticulous will have to be harnessed. Planning everything precisely is a virtue. This will lead to abundance and prosperity. Anything that may go wrong should be taken into consideration. The number 16 is blessed with intuition and a strong inner voice. The pursuit for fame will bring intense misfortune.

The number 16 might face defeat. Humility is an important aspect to the number 16. Living a more private life will bring greater success. Great faith is required throughout life. This faith will cushion against all things and will bring a strong value of quality to life. The number 16 vibration requires faith. This will bring abundance and happiness.


The Star

The number 17 governs the vibrations of peace and love. They will rise above failure and testing circumstances to achieve success. There is an attractive quality to number 17. This number is linked with the planet of love and beauty, Venus. The number 17 vibration is very responsible. They are particularly trustworthy. They have a keen ability to get things done. There is potential for the number 17 to have a life path of significance.

The number 17 vibration person will be remembered. Their unique ability to rise above misfortune is not to be underestimated. The number 17 vibration deals with life in a just and fair manner. The number 17 finds success easily. It is fortunate, especially with regards to the future. As 1 and 7 add up to eight, it is advised that any other eights are avoided. This is because 4 & 8 are numbers of fate. This could lead to fate taking the leading role of this life path. The star is symbolised in the tarot as the meaning of hope and aspiration. This number is known as the star of Magi, allowing the number 17 instant manifestation and fortune. The star of Magi is a sign of karmic reward. It is a number of balance and new prospects for the future.


The Moon

The number 18 is a mystical number. There will be spiritual tests of strength, courage, protection, wisdom, faithfulness and guardianship. There is a divine message in this number. The rayed moon in the eclipse is the dark moon. It is dripping the blood that is being caught by the mouths of a dog and wolf. A crab, nearby is scuttling in. A rayed moon is a dark moon. It is known that the ancient Chaldeans’ had 18 eclipses.

Therefore we see how the dark moon describes a period of darkness, unknowing and uncertainty. The number 18 has distinctly feminine energy. They will have to strive to create balance by incorporating masculinity into their life. There is a dog and wolf catching the drops of blood. This denotes of great struggle and hardship in this dark time. However the dog, symbol of guardianship and faithfulness, means that the number 18 has an uncanny ability to attract protectors. The wolf symbolises learning, wisdom and accessing the higher self. Therefore this helps us to understand the harsh lessons and darkness experienced by the number 18. This is to further them along their path of evolution. The crab scuttling nearby is representative of strength and holding. This shows us that there is always someone to support the number 18 nearby offering strength. The crab will not let them go. It could also indicate a bad or vulnerable situation having its grip with the number 18.

Like an eclipse, number 18 is experiencing darkness just for this lifetime. In future they will more evolved and liberated as a result of the lessons learnt.


The Prince

The Number 19 is symbolised by the prince. Just like a prince life provides whatever is needed. It is not fortunate or unfortunate. The number 19 will go through life securely. Justice will always be prominent in the life of the number 19. It is a number of victory. The image of the prince shows a naked boy upon a horse, under the sun, waving his flag in the air. Just like that, the number 19 vibration is victorious. It brings good fortune and prosperity in many ways.

The prince is always taken care of by the king. This is symbolic of the help that will always be available to the number 19 throughout their life. This number can also expect many responsibilities. The number 19 is blessed with many fortunate moments and is associated with courage, honesty and integrity. The number 19 brings hope and joy with regards to the future. This number is more fortunate than number 10. It is a positive number with regards to abundance and prosperity.



The number 20 has a life path that will bring transformation to the soul. There is a great rebirth. The number 20 vibration will experience a test of patience and humbleness. The rebirth is not literal. It is symbolic of a new beginning or new perspective on life. If this rebirth has not yet occurred for number 20, it is guaranteed that soon a new turn in life will soon fall upon them. This is a powerful rebirth. It has the grace for the transformation of ideas, beliefs and understanding about life.

The number 20 has a strong and special destiny ahead. They are advised to pursue any form of counseling or nurturing. Any career with these attributes will be prosperous to the number 20 bringing forth, fulfillment and contentment. This means that whichever injustices the number 20 feels that they experience in life, will be balanced out and reward will be given fairly. The symbolism shows a man, a woman and child, reaching out to the angel sounding the trumpet. The number 20 is constantly striving to meet their goals and achievements. Patience is an important lesson that the number 20 vibration people must learn. It is not uncommon for the number 20 to receive prophetic dreams and omens. This indicates their true destiny.

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