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If there is a repeat of A, I, J, Y and Q:

A repeat of these letters suggests a highly ambitious person, definite progress in business, and a continuous need for independence. Freedom is also an important aspect. These letter vibrations are highly innovative and strong.

If there is a repeat of B, R and K:

It has very sensitive nature. This letter vibration may attract insecure energy at times.

It has artistic and musical nature. It can develop sense of patience and service to others.

If there is a repeat of C, G, S and L:

This is a very expressive person with allot of talent to offer the world. This number vibration is enthusiastic as much it is loving and magnetic. There is strong talent on anything artistic including writing.

If there is a repeat of D, M and T

These letter vibrations are blessings in disguise. They predict hard work, yet good progress with business, property and finance. There is a strong energy vibration with regards to the family.

If there is a repeat of E, N, H and X

This energy vibration is connected to legal, financial and sakes oriented work. It is advised that these numbers are not repeated more than seven times in the name, or it could lead to a frivolous and careless lifestyle.

If there is a repeat of V, U and W

This is the energy vibration of great responsibility and humanitarian pursuits

There is the letter vibration of the home, and brings much fortune when associated with social events and domestic matters.

If there is a repeat of O and Z

This is a spiritual letter vibration associated with meditation, spirituality and study.

This number vibration is particularly prosperous when ones follow the road less traveled.

If there is a repeat of F and P

This is a powerful number for business. It is unfortunate for domesticity. It denotes allot of travel and high financial considerations. Fortune is found in property.

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