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The Crown of Magi

This is the number of karmic reward. The number 21 is connected to prosperity and abundance. This number vibration is brings many spiritual lessons. After the trials of life have been conquered, the number 21 will take a victorious stance in whichever pursuit they endeavor. The number 21 will experience many life lessons to clear karma and receive karmic reward. Any difficulties experienced by the number 20 vibration will be temporary.

There is victory for the 20 vibration that is patient and diligent. The victory is so fantastic that it is truly worth the wait. This denotes a victory of prestige, honor and rewards. Strength and discipline is required throughout life to get through and conquer all endeavors. It is important to surpass these tests of spiritual morality and faith. This is done by living and responding to life with value. The number 20 is also known as the crown of Magi and is a fortunate number. The crown of Magi is given to those whom have earned the reward. Living with this knowledge will help the number 20 find abundance and prosperity.



The number 22 is represented by Maya, which is known as illusion. It is the vibration of living in a dream world. Life often has little touch with reality. This is usually where a 22 vibration is found. The number 22 has the ability to attract dangerous situations. This is due to this dreamy sense of reality.

Unfortunately for the number 22 vibration, little of it can be averted. The only way would be for the number 22 vibration person to step into their own power and realise the potential to affect their destiny. The number 22 vibration is warned against treachery from others and hardships from unforeseen circumstances. The number 22 vibration needs to keep a reliable sense of reality. It is also a number of fate.

Any liaisons with other 4 or 8’s should be avoided at all costs. This applies to both personal and professional relationships. It is beneficial for to be cautious of acknowledging all information as accurate and are warned against being too trusting of others, as they may take advantage.


The Lion

The fortunate number 23 bring abundance, prosperity and success in all endeavors. It is related to royalty and the image of the lion. This is why the number 23 is associated with high levels of success. This fortune will endow them with the gifts of courage, grace and protection from harm. Due to the nature of the number 23 vibration, grace, nobility and strength will carry the number 23 vibration person through any difficult time. Once they are done they will never look back. The lion is always looking for more.

The number 23 is treated with the loyalty and respect that they deserve. It should be noted that this number is appointed with honor. If you are born on this day, then this number is given as karmic reward. It should be used wisely and justly. Any number taken advantage of, opens possibility of re-incarnating as a lower or other incarnation. This is a fortunate number. The soul has a unique opportunity to progress greatly in its own evolution. The number 23 vibration will provide lessons that must be studied and acquired. The number 23 benefits from protection and assistance.



The number 24 is a fortunate number. It is able to assist in all pursuits. There is great help from those of higher power and their path is guided and shown. Number 24 vibration people are encouraged to embrace the help of the elders. This will make their journey more efficient and productive. Any stubbornness is likely to keep this from their destiny and path. It is only that the number 24 has the ability to achieve happiness in love.

The number 24 is encouraged to remember that they have their own unique power. This indicates that the advice of others is at their own discernment. If something does not resonate with the number 24 then they are advised to dismiss it. This is a magnificent evolution of mind. Their charismatic attitude will propel the number 24 along their life path. The number 24 vibrates with politics and creative pursuits. This number is enhanced with the use of intuition. Developing this accurately will enhance fortune and luck. They must wary of arrogance of any kind. This will chase of those who are willing to help and guide. They are advised to be cautious of overindulgence of any kind.



The number 25 vibration is one of deep thinking and analysis. This is the number of spirituality. There is the ability to gain knowledge from the observation of the world and its events and circumstances.

The number 25 vibration tries to gain spiritual perfection. This number provides a uniquely spiritual nature and ability to observe events in a manner that gives different understanding from usual. The number 25 vibration is related to the holistic field or politics. This is because of the profound objective view points of the world. The number 25 vibration is encouraged to do so without judging and rather with an enquiring mind. The number 25 is very private and closely guards their private life. They are likely to enjoy their time, studying various pursuits. Often the number 25 has experienced disappointments in early life. They will use this knowledge of those experiences throughout life.

Number 25 has a high value of learning from past mistakes. Therefore their judgments are of excellence. It is said that the number 25 represents truth and that Christ uttered the words “all in truth” 25 times according to the gospel in John. It should be noted that the number 25 has been used significantly in history to represents truth and the spoken word. It is important that the number 25 is able to have good discipline over the mind, as they are prone to over-analysing situations.

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