Your name, your baby’s name or the name of your business is an important part of your personality.

The numerological compatibility of a name with the birth date is an important factor. Names are analyzed by adding the numerological values of each letter. The final sum is checked with the birth date for compatibility.

From the ancient period names are chosen mostly from flowers, birds, nature and mythical deities. In this fast-moving world, finding a name for your baby or your business as per the latest trend and preferences of your own is a real tough task. We, are here to help you choose an auspicious name for your baby or your business.

The most basic factors that are taken into consideration during naming in India is the astrological and numerological compatibility, nationality, religion and gender of the child along with other factors such as clarity, meaning, uniqueness etc that is to be kept in mind.

As far as a business is concerned it’s all about clarity, meaning and uniqueness along with astrological and numerological compatibility


Most of us prefer names that are common to the land we belong to. An Indian would not like to give his child a Russian or Chinese name and vice versa. We even have regional preferences in India where we have South Indian names and North Indian names, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalai names and so on.


This has always been a very vital factor when naming a child, especially in India. It is easy to identify the religion of a person from his name. However, of late there is a preference for secular names too.


Of course, this element needs no further explanation. The first question that we ask about the baby is whether it is a boy or a girl. All other factors in naming the child are only secondary.

Life long compatibility

One can never choose their father and mother as they are chosen by god. Names are also not chosen by ourselves, but a gift from our parents. Of course, if you wish, you can change your name when you grow up, but most of us never do so. And a name chosen by our parents becomes our life long companion, giving us an identity in the society and among our associates. A name that sounds right when you are a baby might sound funny when you are grown up. A name must also never be one to indicate parental hopes and desires, which would become an unnecessary burden on children. It should be one that will be cherished life long by the child.


Name is the very first sign of one's personality. A name that is very common or that is meaningless will make it difficult for persons to identify themselves with their name. Since they cannot be identified directly from the name, and if there are a lot of others with the same name, they face the difficulty of being referred by nicknames etc. Nowadays a person with a very popular name may not be able to get even a desired e-mail id. But if you are selecting a rare name, make sure that it is simple enough to understand and is not meaningless.


Exclusiveness is a trend in every field. It doesn't differ in the case of naming a child or business. Most of the parents or business owners prefer to find some unique name for naming. A child would also be proud and happy to know that he has a unique name. But, take care that you understand the meaning of the name. The child must not become a target for others to make fun of because of his name.


The name must have clarity not only to hear but also to read. It is a common practice to combine the first letters of the parents and create a name for their child. This name might sound weird and might be meaningless too. Take care that there is clarity of meaning and clarity of pronunciation when choosing a name.

Short and Sweet

It will be better for the parents to choose a short name so that the child as well as others will feel easier to pronounce it. This is mostly applicable to the communities who prefer to name their child by the names of their parents or grand parents.

Known to others

Names familiar in the community will make it easier for others to understand the name of the child easily. Names of some popular peoples and celebrities are widely chosen by many parents along with the names of gods, goddesses, saints' etc.

Your favorite name

You must have always felt an attraction towards a name, maybe because of it's meaning or the way in which it sounded or because it is the name of a favorite person. This will be the name you would choose for your kid. Do not blindly choose that name. Make sure that it suits your baby, so that your fascination will not turn out to be a headache for your child in the future.

Alphabetical order

Now it is a trend among the parents to choose the name for their child starting with the first alphabets, like A or B. When we analyze it we can understand that on certain occasions this will do you good. But, in some cases it will make you embarrassed, mainly when you are facing an interview board or a Viva Voice.


Meaning of a name is the prime thing to be considered before choosing it for your child. A name that has a funny meaning or that sounds funny or strange can even effect the personality of your child. Just being attracted towards the sound or the pronunciation of the name is not enough. Make sure that it is meaningful and apt for your little one.

Easy to spell and understand

Different persons spell a particular name differently. Mainly the difference is seen while using the alphabet 'e' or 'i'. It will be better for you to choose a name, which is easier for everyone to spell correctly. For names with complicated spellings, chances are there that it will take more time at busy public institutions like bank, hospital etc., arousing the irritation of those who have to deal with you.


Name you choose for your child must be one that is readable. Otherwise, this can give rise to funny situations like the teachers calling from the muster roll in a classroom, or in a booking station. The spelling of the name must preferably be simple making it easy for the child to spell his name.

Fit with the surname or initials

While selecting the name for your baby, you must also consider the surname or initials which is to follow the name. Recurring of alphabets in the end of the name and the beginning of the surname can create pronunciation problems.

Choosing the correct name can even bring a musical rhyme when connected with the surname.


Some names arrest our attention when you hear it for the first time itself. It can be due to its strangeness or uniqueness or because of its pronunciation or the way it sounds. These types of names make those hearing it curious. Some parents give their child the name of some foreign political leaders or humanists that they find respectful. Before taking such decisions it is highly advisable to think about the situation when the child grows up.

Determining personality

It won't be a factual thing that the name itself signifies the personality of the name holder. We are used to meeting persons with names opposite to their character. This can evoke a tinge of smile on the face of those hearing it. It will be better for everyone to be known for what they are and not for the image their name creates.


Names with high elegance and sophistication itself create an image about the person the name beholds. It gives an impression of prestige and honor to the person even without seeing him.


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