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Numerology Compound Number 10

The Wheel of Fortune

This is a fortunate number of instant manifestation. This is the unique power that this number holds. It is also a number of great responsibility. Whatever one wishes for, one receives. The wheel of fortune shows that with a simple decision, the wheel of life can turn at will. This shows the ability to decide and create circumstances. It is the law of attraction multiplied. To a number 10 who doesn’t understand this ability, it can be extremely detrimental.

In order to enhance this ability, it is useful to harness values that will be an attribute to the number 10. This vibration will set the precedence for a life of prosperity and abundance. There is rarely mediocrity with the number 10. This is due to the ability to manifest instantly. It is a case of either great success or failure. The wheel of fortune is symbolised by Isis and Osiris, who govern rise and fall according to the way that the wheel turns. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Numerology compound Number 11


This is the number of hidden trials and treachery from others and is often illustrated as a women holding open the jaw of a lion. This number has a strong vibration of strength. Number 11 energy is very organised and sometimes controlling. This vibration has an inclination toward perfectionist tendencies. The number 11 is considered as one of the master numbers in numerology and represents someone of a highly spiritual nature. It represents a duel nature of both people and circumstances.

Number 11 vibrations are faced with valuable decisions to be made. For harmony it is advised that the two dualities are combined to co-exist in peace and harmony. Number 11 vibration provides intense spiritual visions and ideas. For some, these visions may be idealistic. Number 11 vibration persons must be practical in all matters. Even though this number vibration is one of the master numbers, experiences will be challenging and provide a unique opportunity for spiritual growth. Number11 stands for caution if it comes as a sign for future events.

Numerology Compound Number 12

The Sacrifice

Number 12 is a fortunate number. Success is gained through education. Fortune and prosperity is also gained through illumination of the mind. Number 12 vibration carries an intense aspect of sacrifice. Conflict and confusion may arise. Number 12 vibration brings success and fortune when complete dedication is given to any circumstance. Education indicates a route to freedom. Number 12 vibration person is able to succeed when they remain in the present moment. This will accelerate the abundance and fortune of the number 12 vibration. Number 12 should remain away from stressful situations and emotions such as anxiety and fatigue. The analysis of others motives is extremely important. There may be manipulative or deceitful people in this life. Be cautious as to not be too trusting. Observation will offer invaluable assistance. This is enhanced by discernment of all circumstances that arise.

Numerology Compound Number 13


Number 13 is perceived as unlucky. In Chaldean numerology it is a fortunate and successful number. It is appointed with power and significance. Number 13 may not be a necessarily easy life path. It is filled with many lessons. The number 13 is also considered a karmic number. There is an interesting journey ahead. Due to the immense power of this number it can be used for good or bad. The number 13 is associated with rebirth and breaking through the threshold. Death is symbolic as an ending of one situation and a re-birth into the next. This is why there is continues change for the Number 13.

This may be sudden and unexpected. Number 13 should be prepared for any transitions or movements. Any resistance to destiny could result in an ill turn of fate. However embracing and accepting change will bring harmony to the life of a number 13. The number 13 presents the opportunity to work through karma in order to proceed to enlightenment. The circumstances experienced by this will be complete opposites. These polarities depend entirely on attitude of the mind. As 1=3 = 4, number 13 is also a number of fate, so all interactions with 4 and 8’s should be avoided.

Numerology Compound Number 14


The number 14 vibration is connected to communication and the media. Careers in television, film, writing and publishing will bring abundance and prosperity. It is advised that the number 14 takes some time to travel. This will enhance the development of the soul. There will be temporary loss through life’s circumstances, yet most will be gained afterward. The number 14 will experience change and is urged to be cautious of natural disasters. The number 14 should practice caution against being misguided by others. Guard and be careful of trusting others as this could bring grave misfortune.

There is a magnetic quality to the number 14 energy. For business and career it is important for the number 14 vibration person to pursue a life in the media. This will bring great prosperity and success. It would be beneficial for the number 14 learn how to harness the unique and powerful trait of intuition. Intuition and self-trust will guide the number 14 in all endeavors. Number 14 is considered quite lucky. Over confidence for the number 14 will bring unwanted consequences. Fortune and prosperity follow the number 14.

Numerology Compound Number 15

The Magician

The number 15 is the gift of the spoken word. It is a spiritual and fortunate number. Abundance and prosperity are easily attainable to the number 15. For this to occur they would have to share their gifts and talents to the world. The number 15 is a fortunate and prosperous number. They are communicators who can clearly express their thoughts and emotions to the world. Number 15 is intertwined with the holistic side of life. Caution is advised over the urge to partake in lower forms of spirituality. This includes mind and language manipulation.

The number 15 vibration is a gift and should be respected. Just like the magician, the number 15 is able to conjure up whatever it is they wish. If they do not understand this talent, it might bring strife. This may be a result of negative thinking. Be careful because negative actions will create negative Karma. Therefore number is to be used wisely. This number life path has the unique ability to be used for the greater good of all. There is magnetism to the number 15 that can be used to gain favors from others. The number 15 attracts all kinds of people. Be wary that they may sense the mystery and magic and use their own techniques to gain what they want. It is more effective to stick to authentic spiritual practices. The number 15 is advised to be on guard for any tricksters.

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