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Numerology Number 5

Number 5 - Vibrations – Mercury

Change – Intellect - Freedom

You are number 5 if you are born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month or year.

Number 5 vibration is the number of intellect, written and oral expression, governing communication; it also has a strong trend of change and freedom.

The first and most prominent trait for a number 5 person is that of change. It is a reoccurring theme in their life allowing them to have a fluid and adaptable point of view. It may seem for a number 5 people that they are constantly striving for stability; however it is probably better if they accept that they are perfectly well suited to change. Profoundly creative, charismatic and charming the number 5 loves to celebrate life. Their different view point are often regarded as a blessing when giving advice as it is guaranteed they will see and notice things that may have not occurred to you. Number 5 people are also very spiritual. Whilst there are a lot of people that may think of them as unstable, the number 5 person is actually evolving their consciousness by living through different experiences, adding knowledge to their already bright minds. Through the over analytical nature of the number 5 person, it is likely that there is a great deal of indecisiveness. This is because the ability to scrutinise, criticise and evaluate everything is so thorough, that the number 5 person is left with a very broad and informed view of whatever it is they are thinking of. Some call this genius. To the number 5 person it can be either a curse or blessing and that is for them to decide.

The number 5 person is logical and tends to live in the mind. This is cause for many day dreams which live as strong visions of aspiration. However if the number 5 person is not wary of this habit, it becomes too easy to waste away what could be precious time. They must be cautious to not use their minds as a form of procrastination but rather for success in business. It is essential that the number 5 person is able to categorise their thoughts and then prioritise what it is they need to think about. If they do not do this, they may feel scattered as they tend to over analyze. It is of great benefit to number 5 person to focus on a particular area of thought at a time. They are also advised to simplify things when decisions become confusing. The number 5 person is often excellent in business, in the sense that they are able to adapt multiple viewpoints and have plenty of charm and charisma. As people of logic, expect the number 5 to embrace any business with full mind. It is not just a job, their career becomes very much a part of who they are. Travel, writing, and design are strong career choices for the number 5 person. The number 5 needs to move around and have a change of scenery so business that involves traveling is a definite attribute to an ambitious number 5 person. It is through understanding these characteristics that the number 5 person is able to create abundance and prosperity in their life.

If your partner is a number 5, it is advised that you be cautious of your number 5 partners’ need for change. Either grant them freedom to be, to travel and to experience or it is likely that they will be on their way. The number 5 person is likely to be unhappy when restrained therefore it is important to allow your partner plenty of freedom to be who they are. For a number 5 person to be successful it is essential that they stay focused. Number 5 people enjoy the pleasures of life and should be wary not to overindulge. However to overindulge as a career is something for the number 5 person is what dreams are made of! Anything that is able to satisfy the creativity and curiosity of the number 5 mind is beneficial. When the number 5 person can do what they love, it is easy to become abundant and prosperous in many ways!

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