Vedic Astrology: Important Vedanga - "Eyes of the Vedas"

Vedic scholars and astrologers in India narrates two verses from "Paniniya Shiksha" (41-42) on the importance of the Vedangas which describe Veda as a Purusha ( Veda Purusha) having six limbs as six Vedangas: Chandas is the feet, Kalpa are his arms, Jyotisha his eyes, Nirukta his ears, Shiksha the nose and Vyakarana being the mouth. Vedicology team of astrologers and vedic experts have conducted numerous seminars across the world on the importance of Vedangas and Jyotish in particular.

According to the best astrologers and Vedic research scholars in India, Jyotish or Astrology is the most unique part of Vedic knowledge that has become accessible to the West in recent times. "Jyotish," the official Sanskrit name for Vedic astrology, is one of the six Vedangas, and is called the "eyes of the Vedas." Vedic astrolgers in India believe that Jyotish represents the knowledge of the light of consciousness. The word "Jyotish" means light, and its experience empowers us to understand the relationship between matter and consciousness and experience the subtle balance between predestination and free will (karma). Hence according to Vedicology team and the most reputed astrologers in India, the horoscope presents a precise roadmap to one's future.

Vedic Astrology explains that we are all beings of the "light", and the purpose of our lives in this physical realm is to be aware of "being the light" inorder to penetrate and coexist with the experience of the limitations of the relative. As we enter the physical state, and the soul joins the body, some degree of this experience of being light comes along, but in different ways for different people. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish has the fantastic power to tell us in exquisite detail what our unique spectrum looks like, and where ignorance has blocked out specific colors from our vital spectrum.

Vedic Astrology birth charts fit into this equation in a perfect manner. Just like the film in a camera gets permanently altered at the exact time of exposure depending on the lighting conditions right then and there, the capacity of an individual to encounter its unbounded range of vast light from the cosmic spectrum is adjusted at the time of birth as per the condition of the universe at that particular time. What's more, just like how a photograph will maintain its exposure once the image is taken, the individual will acquire a specific arrangement of karma as depicted by the snapshot of birth.

Furthermore, how does Jyotish measure the mind-boggling condition of this massively intricate universe at the time of birth? By watching its powerfully changing state at a dimension where the minimal number of focus points are required: the exact positioning of the planets in the solar. You could state that the planetary positions are a precise impression of the various layers of normal law acting at any one time. Since the planetary movements are so disconnected from everything else and are governed by laws of gravity and force that don't blend with any of the multifaceted nature of what's going on inside the Earth's climate, it makes a spotless and straightforward model that lends itself well to fine mathematical calculations.

So Jyotish models nature's dynamically changing state by observing the position and relationships between the nine Grahas ("planets"), the twelve Rashis (zodiacal signs), and twelve Bhavas (houses). This does not mean that the planets are causing us to be and act in specific ways; they are merely observational points of this incomprehensibly complex universe.

What is extremely critical to comprehend is that the pertinence of our environment, from the manner in which your neighbour scoops the snow off the walkway to what's going on in a distant world, is constantly subject to our exceptional point of view. At the end of the day, you are the focal point of the universe for all issues that worry you. Jyotish mirrors this by watching the planetary positions from the Earth's point of view (that is known as a geocentric view), and precisely, from your origination's viewpoint. This permits one and the equivalent planetary position to have altogether different ramifications for various individuals. Returning it to your neighbourhood, the trees that were simply planted will give the neighbours on the Southside an incredible view,however, the same trees may give undesirable shade for the people on the North side.

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